Getting Started with the Limbic Arc App [Android]

Android Download

Click the Play Store icon (1) from the menu on your phone. Type "Limbic Arc" int the search window (2). The first time you open it, you may be prompted to sign in with your credentials. Then tap the "INSTALL" button (3).

Logging into the App

1. Log in with your email and password.

2. Click on “Activate and Modify a Boost”.

3. Select which InfoBoost you want.

4. After you select your InfoBoost, go to the top right of the screen and select “Activate”.

Customizing an InfoBoost

If you want to customize the ingredients of the InfoBoost, scroll down on the Boost screen and click on “Add
more ingredients” (1) at the bottom of screen. Then you can select or deselect the ingredients (2) you want to use
for your InfoBoost.

Deactivating an InfoBoost

When you are ready to deactivate a boost, select the boost (1), swipe to the left and hit the red delete button (2).