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The world's first quantum-energy wellness app combined with an opportunity to build a successful, long-term business


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Extensive Library of Ingredients

You have access to over 150 unique, quantum-energy wellness products and pre-built InfoBoosts.


The Limbic Arc Opportunity-Build, Achieve, and Prosper

Available anywhere in the world, our compensation plan pays a full 50% of every gross dollar each week-with absolutely no breakage!

  • Receive up to $20,000 per week from our "Non-Flushing Binary" pay plan
  • Receive up to 3 generations of "Weekly Check Match" with no earning cap
  • Powerful weekly "Retail Rewards Pool" to incentivize new-subscription sales
  • Our weekly "Leadership Bonus Pool" rewards all leaders
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  • No Competition

    There is absolutely no competition because no other company has figured out how to harness these quantum-energy wellness products and deliver them through an app.

  • Strong Backing

    The 14-year-old multinational parent company that's behind Limbic Arc works with thousands of doctors and healthcare professionals.

  • International Conference Calls

    Two calls a week-one that covers the basics of the business and the other a training driven by attendees' questions.

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