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Answers to frequently-asked Limbic Arc questions

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About Limbic Arc

What is Limbic Arc?

The Limbic Arc system consists of a library of quantum-energy wellness "products" that are stored on the cloud and then selected and managed through a web app.

What other products are similar to the Limbic Arc web app?

The Limbic Arc web app is truly a first-of-its-kind technology. The technology behind Limbic Arc was developed over 15 years ago and it has been used by thousands of doctors and healthcare professionals.

What is an InfoBoost and how do I use it?

InfoBoosts are the output of quantum energy that are managed through the Limbic Arc web app. Each InfoBoost is based on the Boost Ingredients you've selected and the desired result. You can adjust the length of the InfoBoost to meet your needs and desired results. For more about this amazing product, please see our How Does an InfoBoost Work? video.

The Limbic Arc Web App

How do I set up an InfoBoost?

We have a short video that shows the steps of setting up an InfoBoost. If you need additional assistance, contact our Customer Success team and they'll be happy to help.

Who can use the Limbic Arc web app?

The Limbic Arc web app is safe for everyone to use regardless of their gender or age. Even pregnant women or people with pacemakers or orthopedic replacements can use it.

Is the web app available worldwide?

Yes! You can access the web app via the internet to set up and manage your InfoBoosts anytime and anywhere.

What browsers and devices are compatible with the web app?

The web app can be accessed via any updated versions of Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. You can use most types of computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet running any operating system, regardless of the manufacturer.

Can the web app be used on multiple devices?
Yes, you may log into as many devices as you’d like.
Can I use the web app offline?
To set up or change an InfoBoost, simply access the Limbic Arc server through your device. An internet connection is required during setup, but once an InfoBoost is activated, it will continue to deliver the InfoBoost–even if your device is offline.
I'm unable to log into the web app (e.g. invalid email/password).

Begin by verifying you’ve input the correct email address for your Limbic Arc account. If you can’t remember your password, click the “Forgot Password” link found on the web app login page. After verifying your account email address, a system email will be sent to you with instructions. If you’re still unable to log in, please contact our Customer Success team.

How do I set up InfoBoost notifications?

When setting up an InfoBoost, you'll be prompted to enable notifications that are sent via text message or email to your device (where applicable). Notifications are optional and can be turned on or off. Text notifications are only available to U.S. and Canada phone numbers. Email notifications are available to all users.

How do I create and save a custom InfoBoost?

After logging into the Limbic Arc web app, click the "InfoBoost Library" link. On this page, you’ll find a variety of ways in which you can create, manage, and activate your personally customized InfoBoosts.

Your Limbic Arc Monthly Subscription

Is it easy to unsubscribe?

Yes. After logging into your account, you can modify your subscription from the “My Subscription” page under the "Account" menu.

How do I update my credit card information?

For Customers: You can edit your credit card information by logging into your account and selecting "Payment Method" under the "Account" menu.

For Affiliates: You can edit your credit card information by logging into the Back Office, selecting "Account", and selecting "Payment Method" in the menu.

What credit cards do you accept as a payment option?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover for your subscription payment. We don't currently accept American Express or Diners Club.

When is my subscription-renewal date?

Log into your account and select "My Subscription" under the "Account" menu to find your subscription renewal date under "Schedule".

Can I change my subscription renewal date?

The subscription renewal (billing) date cannot be changed once an account has been activated. The only time the renewal date will change is if you reactivate a canceling, suspended, or terminated account.

Can I pay my subscription with my bank account?
Not at this time.
What is the Friends & Family Plan?

You can add people to your Friends & Family Plan for only $10/month, and each account can be instantly transferred or cancelled at your discretion. Friends & Family Plans can also be upgraded to full Limbic Arc accounts at any time by the user.

Please see our Friends & Family Plan video for more details.

Your Limbic Arc Affiliate Account

How do I change my name on my replicated website?

Log into the Back Office and select "Account", then scroll down to the "Replicated Website Information" section and change any personal information shown at the top of your replicated site by selecting "Edit".

Do I use my Enroller code to sign someone up?

Yes, the Enroller code you created during the Affiliate signup process is used in the URL of your replicated site. Reference that URL in your various marketing efforts in order to sign up new customers as your personal enrollees.

Where do I update my payout information?

Log into the Back Office and select "Account", find a list of payout providers under the "Menu", then select your payout method to update it.

Can I use an international bank account for ACH payments?

No. We do provide several payout options. Log into the Back Office and select "Account", find a list of payout providers under the "Menu", then select your payout method.